Rifilatrice Colli Fgb GP11

This machine is particularly suitable for trimming the surplus material of the heel breast flaps in the woman’s shoe Louis XV.

On request the machine is supplied with pounding up device for heel breast flap and hand cutter to cut the flap under the heel.

The machine is also equipped with a suitable device for sharpening the blade.

The eccentric parts of the head work in an oil bath, therefore the machine is very noiseless.

Three-phases motor 0,25 kW
Lighting12V - 20W
Knife tool speed 4000 p.m.
Noise emission low
Daily output 800 / 1000 pairs
Net weight 80 kg
(115 kg with pounding up device)
Dimensions70 x 70 x 150 cm.
70 x 70 x 145 cm (with pounding up device)