Rifilatrice Colli Fgb GP15

This machine is suitable for trimming:

  • bags, suit-cases, collars, straps;
  • the surplus of lasting in the upper after stitching the welt in the “GOOD YEAR” working;
  • heavy duty boot for climblig (overturn working “Tyrolese type”) with spaced trimming from the base of the insole from 3 to 20 mm.

The machine is euipped with a suitable device for sharpening the blade.

The GP15 Special trimming machine is equipped with D.C. motor and potentiometer to adjust the conveyor speed of the counterblade.

Three-phases motor0,25 kW
Lighting12V - 20W
Knife tool speed2300 p.m.
Noise emissionlow
Daily output600 / 800 pairs
Net weight85 kg.
100 kg (GP15 special)
Dimensions50 x 55 x 145 cm.