Rifilatrice Colli Fgb GP7

This machine is particularly suitable for trimming:

  • the exceeding part of leather top of Louis XV heels;
  • the flashes of PU shoes with two coloured injected soles;
  • the stitched linings in the deepness of shoes with binded uppers.

The eccentric parts of the head work into an oil bath, therefore the machine is very noiseless.

The machine is equipped with a suitable device for sharpening the blade.

Three-phases motor0,25 kW
Lighting12V - 20W
Knife tool speed 5000 p.m.
Noise emission low
Daily output 500 / 800 pairs
Net weight 70 kg.
40 kg. (head only)
Dimensions50 x 60 x 140 cm.
25 x 35 x 70 cm. (head only)